Our Team

Founder and Head of Dendroni, ECP psychotherapist, ECIP psychotherapyst, psychotherapyst with state licence in Georgia.

Head of International Academy of Integrative Psychotherapy, ECIP psychotherapist, Psychologist,   Psychotherapist, Master of Psychodiagnostic  and Counseling, postgraduate program of the International Academy of Integrated Psychotherapy of Dendroni. 
ECIP Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist,  Graduate of the International Academy of Integrated Psychotherapy; Professional Psychotherapist League (PPL) Consultant; Member of the Special Preventive Group. 
Clinical Psychologist, Certified Psychotherapist of the European Psychotherapists Association (IAP), Doctor of psychology, Hypnotherapist, International Qualification Safety Trainer, Integrative Psychotherapist, Leading Training Courses and Trainings.