About Dendroni
In today's modern world, the role of psychotherapy is clearly demonstrated in practically all areas of human activity. For many reasons psychotherapy as profession and ethical practice is purely developed in Georgia. It was necessary to establish effective organization in order to change this situation and raise accessibility to the high quality, valid knowledge and practice. On September 27, 2011 was created Georgan Federation for Psychotherapy Dendroni as an Non- Government Organization. The head of organization is Maia Begashvili, the first owner of ECP - International certificate of psychotherapy in Georgia. She is a psychotherapist with medical education (the owner of state and European recognition in psychotherapy), Multimodal, the psychotherapist of Professional Psychotherapists league of Europe, neurologist, PhD student in psychiatry at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Today Dendroni has a team with highly qualified specialists, who possess European recognition in the field of psychotherapy:

Dendroni aims are as follows:

- To influence the development and regulation of psychotherapy standards in Georgia;

- Promote establishing high standards of psychotherapeutic ethics, training and education in Georgia;

- Raise public awareness about emotional well-being, mental health and improve quality of life for the benefit of the public.

- Increase the importance of Georgian psychotherapeutic school and represent Georgian psychotherapeutic society in the international level;

- Retrain professionals working in this field and promote establishing ethical norms;

- Monitor the ethical and professional standards of the psychotherapeutic practice;

- Establish high clinical and ethical standards of psychotherapic process.

- Promote the development of research and education in the sciences of psyche;

- Promote qualified psychotherapeutic training and supervision.

- Strengthen the organizational culture in the field of psychotherapy as an independent profession.

- Support, strengthen and develop professional community.

- Support the opportunity for all individuals to have equal access to rights and raise awareness in this field;

- Fight against stigmatization and make it easier for the individual to integrate into society;

- Advocate the victims of stigmatization and support them to integrate into society.

The first psychotherapeutic organization in Georgia with European Recognition
Dendron is the first and only organizational member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (https://www.europsyche.org/ )from Georgia and All Caucasus (Applicant since 2013, a full member since 2014).
The organization pursues its goals and objectives in accordance with the EAP Code of Ethics and introduces the fundamental principles of the European Psychotherapy School in our country.  It has invited member status at all congresses and conferences of the association, also access to its scientific and educational bases. Dendroni is constantly working on improving professional qualification and development of the specialist in the field, which stipulates its place as the main sectoral organization in Georgia. For this purpose, it organizes training sessions that are managed by certified international class specialists with a competent authority in Europe (European wide Accrediting Organization). 

What is European association for Psychotherapy
The European Association for Psychotherapy- EAP was founded on June 30, 1991, in Vienna, Austria. The EAP disposes of a data base as a central information base on psychotherapy for the European Union, governments, public authorities, and other organizations. It is a NGO that aims to unite psychotherapy organizations into a common association, and organizes individual psychotherapists of different orientations in Europe on the basis of the “Strasbourg Declaration of Psychotherapy 1990”. The EAP is a founding member and active part in the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP). The EAP has established a European-Certificate of Psychotherapy whose target goal is mutual recognition and equal conduct of psychotherapy in Europe. Based on the "Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy of 1990" the EAP represents high training standards for a scientifically based and stands for a free and independent practice of psychotherapy. First recognized Georgian psychotherapy school Dendroni as a full member of the European association of psychotherapy. Dendroni still remains the sole organization of EAPs central organization membership (Ordinary Member) from Georgia and takes care of the importance of Georgian psychotherapeutic school at work meetings, congresses and conferences in the European Association for Psychotherapy.

Youth involvement in Dendroni
The professional team of Dendroni encourages youth engagement in the organizations activities and projects. The young psychotherapists s have a number of advantages:
▪ Internship in the organization
▪ Discounts on training courses Members of this group are given a wide range of self-realization opportunities, also practical skills and experience with the theoretical knowledge. Organization Consists of this Parts:
▪ Psychotherapy Clinic
▪ International Academy of Integrated Psychotherapy
▪ Mobile Immediate, Crisis Psychotherapy Group