EAIP Report for Dendroni International Academy of integrative psychotherapy
Author: Maša Žvelc, PhD EAIP
criteria for Training In relation to:
Training Standards including hours of theory and methodology, personal therapy, clinical practice and supervision
Policies and Ethical codes 
Legal and Financial requirements 
Assessment Methods
this organization is in line with EAIP criteria.
As a visitor and evaluator I see Psychocorrection and Psychodiagnostic House Dendroni and The International Academy of integrative psychotherapy, which is a part of Dendroni as a very professional organization which provides training of integrative psychotherapy with high standards.
Organizing the integrative psychotherapy in Georgia is a pioneering work which can be admired.
The organization has many strength; I would like to underline the following: 
  • Good organization of documents and students’ profiles. 
  • Highly qualified trainers. 
  • Good link with clinic, where students can have their psychotherapy practise. 
  • Motivated and integrated students. 
  • Insistence on high training standards according to EAIP and EAP.
  • To understand this strength, I should explain the cultural context. There is nonregulated situation of psychotherapy in Georgia; the psychotherapy filed is as I learnt at young development stage of regulation. There is no law, and there is no Umbrella association of psychotherapy or National awarding organization, which could non- formally regulate the field of psychotherapy. There are different programmes offering training with lower standards then EAP, which presents struggle for Dendroni in terms of competing for getting students. 
  • Skilful and heart open managers of the training, creating good, creative and professional atmosphere for the students. 
  • Strong connectedness and support between managers, trainers, graduates and students.

Assessment Proposal
I propose the acceptance to Full Membership of EAIP without requirements and offer the recommendations below.